Test Your Poker Knowledge in our Poker Quiz

How’s your poker knowledge? Here’s 12 simple questions to test your poker general knowledge

Q1. If you deal one five-card poker hand every ten seconds for eight hours a day, on average how long would it take to be dealt a royal flush?
A. Once every seven days.
B. Once every seven-and-a-half months.
C. Once every seven years.

Q2. How many unique two-card starting hands are there in Hold’em?
A. 169.
B. 1,326.
C. 2,652.

Q3. What happened at the ‘Nuttal and Mann Gambling Saloon’ in Deadwood Gulch on August 2, 1876?
A. Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead during a poker game.
B. The flush was introduced and used in a poker game for the first time.
C. The first recorded Texas Hold’em game was played.

Q4. Doyle Brunson won back-to-back World Series of Poker Main Events with this starting hand, what is it?
A. K-6.
B. A-9.
C. 10-2.

Q5. What is the phrase used to describe the first person to act after the players who have posted blinds?
A. Under the cosh.
B. Under pressure.
C. Under the gun.

Q6. In Texas Hold’em what is odds of being dealt two Aces pre-flop?
A. 110/1
B. 220/1
C. 330/1

Q7. A tight player that wins smaller amounts consistently but rarely takes any chances is known as a?
A. A Mallet
B. A Grinder
C. A Hammer

Q8. ‘Office Hours’ is poker slang for which hand?
A. 9’s & 5’s.
B. 7’s & 11’s.
C. 4’s & 8’s.

Q9. What hand is known as ‘the Wheel’?
A. Any straight containing an Ace.
B. An Ace-high straight.
C. A five-high straight.

Q10. Gambling/poker slang for five hundred is?
A. A Chimp
B. A Monkey
C. A Gorilla

Q11. What card is commonly known as a ‘Duck’?
A. A 2.
B. A 7.
C. A 9.

Q12. A pair of 4’s are often referred to as what?
A. Sailboats.
B. Swans.
C. Kites.

See below for the full list of answers


1 B). Once every seven-and-a-half months.
2 B). 1,326
3 A). Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead during a poker game.
4 C). 10-2
5 C). Under the gun
6 B). 220/1
7 B). A Grinder
8 A). 9’s & 5’s
9 C). A five-high straight
10 B). A monkey
11 A). A ‘2’
12 A). Sailboats