FACT: 42% of Gambling Website Traffic Comes From Referral Traffic. But is Gambling a Sin?

A new study has revealed that referral traffic accounted for 42% of all visits to online gambling websites – such as Boylesports – between August 2018 to July 2019.  Direct traffic, that’s people typing in an exact online casino sites address such as Paddypowercasino.com for example, was the primary source of direct traffic making up almost 47 percent of arrivals.  Online searches through engines such as Google accounted for 11.4% according statistics provided by the technology and analytics provider SEMrush.

The new study also found that about 62 percent of the total web traffic arriving at gambling sites comes from just 10 countries.  The newly regulated US market tops the charts with around ten percent.  Brazil come next with eight percent followed by Japan, the UK, Ukraine, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Germany, and Russia. Ultimately the figures give a snapshot into where gamblers come from in the current day.

Branding and the Bible

The research also showed that non-branded keywords produce more traffic than branded ones.  For example ‘Mega Moolah Slot’ will work better than ‘Microgaming Mega Moolah Slot’.  And one of the most searched gambling-related queries is a big surprise.  It is the question “is gambling a sin?” Or:

  • está jugando un pecado
  • це гра в гріх
  • spielt eine Sünde
  • günah kumar oynuyor
  • ギャンブルは罪です
  • is dobbel ‘n sonde   
Is gambling a sin? | What does the Bible say about gambling?

Lotto & Millions Hold the Key

The average monthly volume for the 12 most popular keywords in the online gambling industry attracted between one million and nine million searches.  Amongst the branded keywords, ‘Powerball’, ‘Mega Millions’ and ‘Florida Lottery’ stood out with 7.3 million, 6.9 million and 3.3 million searches every month, respectively.  However, it has also been found that ‘Lotto’, ‘Lotto Results’ and simple ‘Lottery’ have been in the top three non-branded key-words category with 9.1 million, 5.7 million and 4.1 million average monthly searches.