Life-Changer! Irish punter turns small Lotto bets into a six-figure fortune

Small Stakes Lotto Players Get The Loot From BoyleSports 
Christmas came early and in incredible fashion for an Irish BoyleSport Galway customer this weekend when small wagers on their lucky Lotto numbers triggered a six-figure jackpot. The anonymous customer placed two bets in a BoyleSports shop in the western county of Galway on Friday, the first being a small €3 wager on numbers 9, 10, 28 and 41 to come out in the main EuroMillions draw on Friday night.

Amazingly, against odds of 33,000/1, all four numbers rolled out the Lotto machine, meaning the €3 investment was now worth a staggering €99,003. However the run of good fortune didn’t end there for Galway’s big winner, because they had also placed a €10 treble on the same numbers, leaving out the number 41. That bet overcame odds of 1,500/1, adding a cool €15,010 to their loot. That saw the total winnings smash through the six-figure barrier, meaning the customer was able to return to the shop and pick up a gigantic cheque for a grand total of €114,013.

Lawrence Lyons, spokesperson for BoyleSports said: “It’s delightful to see such a life-changing amount of money go into the hands of an ambitious customer who took a chance at mega odds with small stakes. We send huge congratulations over to Galway and we hope the monumental win turns this one into a Christmas they will never forget.”

Big Balls Winners
This big win was just the latest in a string of successful ‘balls bets’ accepted by BoyleSports in the past week. On Tuesday another BoyleSports punter correctly predicted No’s 2, 7 and 13 would be drawn and their €5 bet gave them a €7,505 windfall in time for Christmas. And on Thursday another lucky BoyleSports customer collected €5,000 when their €2 Bingo wager (choosing numbers 1-5-6-18-41-44) were all drawn.

Betting Shop Bandit
BoyleSports are an independent bookmaker with an excellent online site complimented with a huge estate of top-quality betting shops around Ireland.  For the most part their shops are spotless and recently refurbished ‘Vegas sportsbook’ type venues albeit judging by the video below, they may not remain in tip-top nick for long!

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