There’s Mega Money to be won on Mega Slots

In the autumn of 2015 a world record online slot jackpot landed. It paid out a breath-taking €17,879,645.12. Yes, all those numbers and commas means the haul was just short of €18 million equating to £13,209,300

The machine in question was the progressive jackpot slot ‘Mega Moolah’ and the prize went to Jon Heywood, a 26-year-old English soldier who invested just .25p on his spin.

Remarkably this monster payday only just made the headlines as it surpassed the previous Guinness Book of Records best by just €18,000. That haul went to a .25c per-spin player from Finland back in 2013.

The Mega Moolah slot, which can be found at most online casinos, is one of the most popular online jackpot slots. It regularly pays out jackpots in the region of £3 million and more and more people are playing it on a mobile device.

In fact, in August 2016 the same slot made the record books again by dumping a €7,968,311 bounty for a €1 spin. Its lucky recipient made the record books as this was the highest jackpot paid to a customer via a mobile.

But these jackpots just keep building and building on the Mega Moolah slot and by the spring of 2017 the record was broken again when another mobile player saw a cashdrop of €8.01 million for a €6.80 spin. The lucky player’s investment yielded a return of 128 million percent!

Of course we are talking about the main jackpots at Mega Moolah slot (and other progressive jackpot slots of the ‘Mega’ family of slots). But in addition to the main ‘Mega’ jackpot, these slots offer three other progressive jackpots which run concurrently. They may be smaller but the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots ‘cashdrop’ far more frequently when playing ‘Mega’ online slots.

How progressives jackpot slots work

Unlike traditional slot machines, progressives jackpot slots are linked together across numerous online casinos. A small percentage of cash from every spin goes towards the jackpot pool and that is how it grows so quickly.

The odds of hitting a progressive jackpot cashdrop cannot be precisely calculated as it involves so many machines, different slots formats and wagering stakes but some have calculated the odds of a jackpot landing spin is around one-in-50-million.

Given spins can start at 25p and understanding non successful jackpot winning spins can still result in two progressive bounties and other meaningful wins, Mega Moolah slot play is not the worst thing to do with your spare time and spare cash.

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