Responsible Gambling - Information about Gambling Addiction

Engaging in games of chance is perceived by many as a harmless pastime. However, we acknowledge that for certain individuals or groups, it can pose risks. Therefore, we actively advocate for a responsible approach towards gambling.

On this webpage, we aim to elucidate the concept of gambling addiction, illuminate the early indicators one should be aware of, and provide guidance on how to address an unhealthy relationship with gambling, whether it pertains to oneself or someone close.

What is gambling addiction?

Compulsive gambling is the colloquial term used to describe an unrestrained and compulsive behavior towards gambling. It is a significant mental disorder that should not be downplayed. Individuals affected by this condition have lost control over their gambling behavior and, as a result, can jeopardize their very existence.

The individual affected by this issue finds it impossible to cease playing. Restricting game consumption also appears to be an insurmountable task. The entire daily routine revolves around the anticipation of the next gaming experience, and even when aware of the harm it causes oneself and others, the person continues to play.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from pathological gambling, it is crucial to seek professional assistance in order to regain control over addictive behavior. Do not hesitate to accept help, as individuals with gambling addiction require specialized treatment. Remember, there is no shame in reaching out for support when it comes to combating this destructive compulsion.

Signs that indicate excessive gaming.

Problem gambling can manifest differently in each individual. Therefore, only a qualified professional can provide a definitive diagnosis. However, there are several signs that are commonly observed among most affected individuals. To roughly assess your susceptibility, please review the following checklist:

  • You have frequently played for longer periods or placed higher bets than you originally intended.
  • They borrowed money in order to continue playing.
  • You have deceived people in your surroundings regarding your gambling consumption.
  • They intentionally neglected other commitments and appointments in order to continue playing.
  • Your thoughts revolve around the next gaming experience. When you're not playing, you feel anxious and irritable.
  • They are playing with increasingly higher stakes, hoping to offset their losses.
  • You have already made unsuccessful attempts to limit or quit gambling.

It is not necessary for all points to apply in order to speak of problematic gambling behavior. However, the more points you must agree to, the more likely you have a gambling problem and should seek professional help.

Free and anonymous counseling centers

Here's the new English paragraph: Discover a range of counseling centers available for you to reach out to. Seeking assistance is fundamentally free and can also be conducted completely anonymously upon request. Do not hesitate to seek help; problem gambling is a grave concern.


Association for Gambling Addiction -

Visit to assess your game.


ARGE Addiction Prevention -

Austrian debtor assistance - www.


Play without addiction -

Tips for maintaining healthy gaming habits

Finally, we would like to provide you with a few practical tips for maintaining a healthy approach to gaming. It's important to keep these considerations in mind so that enjoyment truly remains enjoyable:

Play with a time and betting limit.

Before diving into a game, it's crucial to establish a definite time limit for yourself, at which point you will close the online casino, regardless of whether you're on a winning streak or facing losses.

Furthermore, it's important to set yourself a betting limit. If you've lost a certain amount during your visit to an online casino, it's advisable to call it quits. Chasing after your losses doesn't make any sense. Some days luck just isn't on your side. In those moments, it's crucial to stop and shift your focus elsewhere.

Pay attention to your gaming budget.

Your gambling budget should only consist of money that you can afford to lose. Never play with money that is already allocated for other expenses, such as rent. After all, a win in the casino is never guaranteed.

Experiencing a loss is never pleasant, but it becomes even more challenging when it hinders your ability to pay the electricity bill. If you find yourself unable to afford a visit to a real money casino, you have two options: take a break or engage in playing with free virtual currency. It is crucial to prioritize your financial responsibilities and make choices that align with your current circumstances. Remember, there are alternative ways to enjoy casino games without compromising your financial stability. Take this opportunity to explore free gaming options and indulge in the thrill without the monetary burden.

Play for enjoyment

Enjoyment is the essence of gambling. Treat it as a pastime that requires monetary investment but can provide hours of entertainment. Of course, one may desire to win, but that should only be a secondary consideration. Engaging in online casino games with the sole intention to make a profit puts you at a disadvantage from the start and will inevitably lead to long-term disappointment.