When it comes to gambling, the outcome of a game is never guaranteed, and that's actually a good thing because it's this uncertainty that adds to the unique appeal. However, it is possible to calculate the odds of winning in online casino games - of course, these are purely statistical figures. After all, even with highly favorable prospects of winning, one can still experience occasional losses.

On this page, we will elucidate the calculation of winning odds in online casino games and the significance of payout percentage. Additionally, we will introduce a selection of casino games with highly promising prospects for winnings. Engaging in these games will yield the most advantageous results from a mathematical standpoint.

What is the probability of winning in casino games?

The probability of winning a specific bet is referred to as the winning chance. This value depends on both the chosen game and the type of bet placed, applicable to both slot machines and table games. In certain casino games such as Blackjack, you can personally influence and enhance your chances of winning through a solid gaming strategy. However, in other games, the odds are predetermined, leaving the outcome purely to chance, whether it be a win or a loss.

To calculate, in simplified terms, the likelihood of winning, one divides the number of successful outcomes in a round of play by the total number of possible results. This calculation can become highly intricate in certain games and is practically unsolvable without computer assistance. However, there are a few games that we can examine as examples, where the estimation of winning chances is more straightforward.

Let's take, for example, French Roulette. In French Roulette, there are 37 different numbers (0-36) where the ball can land. Placing a bet on a specific number only leads to one winning outcome. However, there are a total of 37 possible outcomes. Statistically speaking, the chances of winning this bet are 1/37, which equates to approximately 2.7%.

On the other hand, if you bet on two adjacent numbers on the roulette table, the odds of winning would amount to 2/37, which is approximately 5.4%. Opting for a simple bet like Red, you have 18 numbers that lead to a win. In this case, the probability stands at 18/37, which is around 48.66%.

What is the payout ratio?

The likelihood of winning alone is insufficient to determine the worthiness of a particular game. It is also necessary to consider how much a winning bet pays out. In online roulette, for instance, the payout for a bet on red is 1:1. This means that the winnings are equal to the initial wager. Additionally, one must take into account other factors such as the potential for entertainment value and the overall enjoyment derived from playing the game. Remember, the true value of a game extends beyond the mere chance of winning.

When placing a bet on a single number, the payout ratio is 35:1. If you guess correctly, you will receive the original bet amount plus 35 times its value as winnings. While this option offers significantly higher payouts, the chances of winning are relatively low.

Here's a new English paragraph for the website: The payout percentage comes into play here. The payout percentage (known as Return-to-Player or RTP in English) is a theoretical value that indicates the long-term amount the player will receive back from their wager. It is calculated by combining the chances of winning and the payout. This value demonstrates the overall profitability of a particular game or casino, providing players with an insight into their potential returns.

The payout ratio is typically expressed as a percentage. For French Roulette, this percentage is 97.30% for all multiple chances - that is, bets on numbers or groups of numbers. This means that, in the long run, for every euro wagered on the roulette table, you will receive 97.30 cents back. In this example, the 2.70 cents difference represents the so-called house edge, which the casino profits from.

The evident disparity between French and American roulette is discernible here. With French roulette, the house edge stands at 2.70%, while in American roulette, due to the double zero, it doubles to 5.40%. From a purely mathematical perspective, you should almost always prefer French roulette.

In general, the payout percentage in online casinos is below 100% for all casino games. However, in the case of some progressive jackpot games, it can exceed this value if there is a particularly large jackpot. This is, however, an exception that often leads to a high influx of players.

Payout percentage for slot machines

Slot machines are among the most diverse casino games available. Not only do they differ in appearance, but also in terms of winning opportunities and payouts. As a result, the payout rates of various online slot machines and video slots also vary. Calculating these values can be extremely complex, leaving players with little opportunity to verify the information. Fortunately, independent auditing organizations such as IGT or ECOGRA exist to thoroughly examine casino software and meticulously verify all the details.

Typically, the payout percentages for online slot machines range from 99% to 85%. This implies a wide range, making it worthwhile to examine the actual value for each slot individually. You can find details about this in the slot's game manual or directly on the casino's webpage.

Which casino games have high chances of winning?

Where can one get the most value for their money? This is not just a question of winning chances, but also of the enjoyment one experiences while playing a game. After all, the payout rate does not indicate how entertaining a game truly is.

However, we would like to present here some casino games with particularly good odds of winning. From a purely mathematical perspective, these games offer the best chances of winning. It is always assumed that an optimal game strategy is employed. Additionally, the specific house rules can also play a role. For instance, if a casino game offers a special jackpot, this can further increase the payout percentage.

The values provided should be regarded solely as a reference point. The respective bet or game variant is indicated in parentheses. Please note that these figures are intended to serve as a general guideline rather than an exact measurement. It is essential to consider various factors such as individual skill level, strategies employed, and external circumstances that may influence the outcome. Therefore, it is advisable to exercise discretion and conduct further research before making any definitive decisions based solely on the provided values. Remember, gambling should always be approached responsibly and with a thorough understanding of the associated risks and potential consequences.

Game                                                                 Payout Percentage

Blackjack                                                        up to 99.75%

Video Poker (Jacks or Better) has a payout percentage of 99.54%.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em                            99,47 %

Baccarat (Banker)                                       98.94 %

Craps (Pass/Come)                                     98,59 %

Punto Banco                                                  98.94%

Which casino bets have particularly poor chances of winning?

On the flip side, there are a variety of casino bets with particularly lousy payout percentages. Here, we have a few examples that are intended to raise awareness about the potential differences between casino games. It's intriguing to note that Baccarat is mentioned once again, but this time with a bet on a tie, which is particularly disadvantageous for the player. This demonstrates that the actual chances of winning in a casino depend not only on the game itself but also on the chosen wager.

Game                                                                 Payout Percentage

Baccarat (Draw)                    85.64%

Craps (Any Seven)                                       83,33 %

Casino War (Wager on a Tie): 81.35%

Keno                                                                 75 %

Is it possible for players to influence their chances of winning?

Finally, the question arises as to whether players can influence their chances of winning in online casinos. As is often the case, the answer varies depending on the game chosen. Naturally, players wonder if they have any control over the odds in online casinos. The response, however, differs depending on the specific game in question.

As a general rule, one's influence depends on whether they have the opportunity to further determine their actions after the start of the game round. In most slot machines, skill hardly matters, since after the game round begins, no further decisions can be made. One can only watch as the winning symbols spin on the screen and keep their fingers crossed. So, it mainly comes down to luck in this case.

Roulette primarily operates as a game of chance, as once the bets are placed, the outcome of the game round is beyond one's control. Various betting strategies, however, offer the promise of improved odds.

However, there are indeed casino games that involve an element of skill. Take blackjack, for instance, where players can exert influence over the course of the game by choosing whether to draw additional cards or not. In this card game, individuals have the opportunity to enhance their chances of winning by employing an optimal playing strategy. Moreover, skills such as card counting can give players an added advantage.

Online poker, especially when played against others, relies heavily on one's own skills. While luck does play a role, it is the superior player who ultimately triumphs in games like Texas Hold'em Poker over the long run. In fact, there are even countries where online poker is not classified as gambling, and being a professional poker player is considered a legitimate occupation.


The enjoyment factor is ultimately what matters the most when it comes to casino games. While payout rates, odds of winning, and house edge are indeed important factors to consider, they only form a portion of the equation. Casino games are made intriguing and exciting by these statistical values, which provide valuable insights. However, the ultimate measure of a successful casino experience lies in the amount of fun one has while playing.

If you find joy in the pursuit of the ultimate gaming strategy, then these values serve as a crucial foundation for your tactics. The enjoyment derived from seeking out the most effective approach is undeniable. Embracing these principles fosters a solid groundwork upon which your gameplay can flourish. Your pursuit of the perfect gaming strategy is enhanced by incorporating these fundamental values. The thrill of devising a winning plan is intensified by the understanding of these key principles. When the search for the optimal gaming strategy becomes an exciting endeavor, these values become an invaluable cornerstone for your tactical approach.

For those who prefer to delve less into the mathematical aspect of casino games, it is worth noting that a higher payout percentage is generally better. If, for example, one wishes to play roulette without any particular preferences, then French roulette should be preferred over American roulette. In baccarat, it is advisable to bet either on the player or the banker, but never on a tie, depending on the opportunity at hand.

By taking these factors into consideration, one can easily get more value for their money when visiting an online casino. It's important to keep these points in mind if you want to make the most out of your online casino experience and increase your chances of winning. With careful planning and a strategic approach, you can maximize your enjoyment and potential profits. Remember, the key is to be mindful of these aspects and make informed decisions when it comes to playing at online casinos. So, make sure to do your research, set a budget, choose reputable platforms, and take advantage of bonuses and promotions. By following these guidelines, you'll have a more fulfilling and rewarding online casino visit.