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Here is the new English paragraph: On this page, we will guide you on how to officially file a complaint against an online gambling provider. This is only possible if the provider can present a valid casino license. Therefore, it is crucial to play only at properly licensed online casinos for real money. If the provider holds a gambling license from within the EU, you have a chance to assert your rights; otherwise, the situation looks unfavorable.

Potential Issues in Online Casinos

Mistakes and mishaps are commonplace - online casinos are no exception. The crucial aspect in such circumstances is ensuring that one still obtains their rightful entitlement. At this point, we would like to address the most prevalent issues that can arise in online casinos.

Typically, these challenges are not a result of malicious intentions from the provider. However, what matters most is how the online casino handles the complaint. Here is a compilation of factors that commonly lead to complaints:

Prizes will not be paid out.

One common complaint is that winnings are either not paid out or cancelled by the online casino. Fraud isn't always the cause behind it. Often, players fall victim to the complex bonus terms and conditions. Many casinos reserve the right to cancel winnings obtained with bonus funds if the player violates the bonus terms. To a certain extent, these bonus conditions are justified. After all, the main purpose of a bonus is to allow the player to try out various slot machines and table games for free.

However, things become fraudulent when the terms and conditions of the bonuses are intentionally convoluted and perplexing. This practically makes it impossible for players to comply with all the requirements set by the provider. In such cases, it is entirely appropriate to file a complaint and voice your concerns.

Boni werden nicht angerechnet

Many gamblers select the next online casino based on its bonus offer. It's especially frustrating when the free spins are not credited or when one doesn't receive the bonus money. In such cases, players feel disappointed and cheated.

One should not automatically suspect the operator in such cases. Sometimes the mistake lies not with them, but with oneself. It can happen to anyone that they forget to enter a bonus code, overlook a time limit, or fall short of the minimum deposit. In such a situation, a polite request to customer support often helps, and the bonus is granted retrospectively.

If, on the other hand, you have not received your bonus without any apparent reason, it may well be worth filing a complaint. Complaining could potentially be beneficial in such circumstances.

Unclear bonus conditions

Ambiguous bonus conditions present another potential issue. In particular, less reputable providers often attempt to conceal themselves behind lengthy terms and conditions governing bonuses and transactions.

Therefore, it is always advisable to take a look at the general terms and conditions and, of course, the bonus requirements before signing up at a new casino. If these are clearly and comprehensibly formulated, it is often a good sign. However, if you find it difficult to understand them, there is often a hidden intention behind it. In such cases, it is recommended to choose a different provider right from the start.

Payments will not be processed.

Another reason for potential complications in online casinos is withdrawals. However, it is essential to distinguish between legitimate delays and intentional stalling. In this regard, it is crucial for players to carefully review the casino's terms and conditions regarding withdrawal processes. By understanding the requirements and potential obstacles, players can navigate the withdrawal process more effectively and ensure a smooth experience. Trustworthy casinos prioritize providing timely and hassle-free withdrawals to their customers, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

If the initial payout takes a bit longer, there's no need to worry. In this case, you'll be asked to submit a copy of your identification card and other documents. It may take a few days for everything to be processed. Rest assured, this is not the provider trying to hassle you, but rather the strict regulations in place for preventing money laundering and fraud, which the online casino is obligated to comply with.

If a provider keeps you waiting for days without any further information or cancels a withdrawal without your consent, it is a valid reason to be suspicious. In such cases, you should reach out to customer support and request clarification. If no resolution is found through this channel, often the only recourse is to make a public complaint.

Account closures and account suspensions

Occasionally, it happens that one's personal player account is abruptly closed or blocked. There can be various reasons for this, including suspicious account activity, violations of the terms and conditions, or suspicion of fraudulent activities. Such an occurrence can be quite disconcerting, especially if there was no prior indication or warning. However, it is essential to understand that online platforms take these measures to ensure the safety and integrity of their services. In such cases, it is advisable to reach out to the customer support team to clarify the situation and resolve any potential misunderstandings.

As many systems are now automated, erroneous closures occur frequently in this regard. In such a situation, when faced with an unyielding customer support, the only solution is to report the matter to the relevant regulatory authority. This becomes particularly important when the account closure results in non-reimbursement of the balance.

Cheating games

It is highly uncommon to encounter open fraud from an online casino. Experiencing bad luck and losing one's gambling budget in a casino can happen to anyone. While this can be frustrating, it is also part of the hobby.

If, however, you suspect that something fishy is going on in a casino, you should gather evidence first. It can be difficult at times to distinguish between a stroke of bad luck and genuine manipulation. Nonetheless, it may be worthwhile to exchange information with other players. If the suspicions start piling up, it is high time to file a complaint against the casino.

Step by step guide to filing your online casino complaint.

Issues in an online casino do not necessarily mean that the online casino is untrustworthy. Sometimes, it is just a misunderstanding that can be quickly resolved. Therefore, it is essential to proceed step by step and give the casino an initial opportunity to address the problem and resolve it.

If the gambling provider proves unyielding, seeking recourse with the regulatory authority is often the only solution. Hence, it is crucial that the casino license of the respective provider originates from an EU country. Only then will you have the opportunity to assert your rights.

Preserve evidence

It is advisable to prioritize the preservation of evidence. This includes capturing screenshots of your user account, as well as archiving email correspondence between yourself and the online casino. Should you encounter any issues within the casino, it is recommended to promptly capture a screenshot and save it for future reference.

At this point, it is important to ensure that the error does not possibly lie on your end. If a deposit is not credited, for instance, you should verify whether the deposit was indeed processed correctly. If this is the case, get in touch with the payment service provider directly.

The complex terms and conditions of bonuses can often become a stumbling block for players. Many casinos reserve the right to cancel any winnings obtained through bonus violation. However, you still have the option to raise a complaint against these intricate bonus terms and conditions. Don't let this obstacle deter you from seeking a resolution.

Request clarification from the online casino.

Before you file an official complaint, it is advisable to give the operator the opportunity to rectify the situation. Firstly, it is therefore recommended to contact the online casino directly and request clarification. Often, it turns out that there has been a misunderstanding or someone on the other end has made a mistake.

Keep patience

Always strive to maintain patience and remain polite, even when it is challenging. Particularly when conversing with customer support, it is beneficial to stick to the facts and refrain from making accusations. Additionally, remember to keep copies of your conversations as they may prove to be essential later on.

Contact the regulatory body

If all attempts at clarification have been in vain, the only option left is to turn to the regulatory authority. This is the institution responsible for issuing the casino license. Information about the gambling license is always available on the casino's own website.

Typically, on the regulatory authority's website, you can find a means to file a complaint against a licensed casino. Subsequently, you may be contacted by a regulatory authority representative who will inquire about the specifics from you.

Afterwards, all you can do is wait. If this doesn't lead to a resolution in your particular case, perhaps because the evidence isn't compelling enough, at least you can ensure that the regulatory authority knows they should investigate this provider more thoroughly. The more players who complain, the more evident it becomes that something is amiss with a casino.

Make the complaint public

Lastly, it is important to publicly voice your complaints about unresolved issues. By doing so, you can alert fellow players to untrustworthy online casinos and protect them from falling into the same trap.

To achieve this, you may reach out to us via our contact form or share your feedback about a provider on different forums. However, it is crucial to ensure that you have exhausted all other avenues before doing so. By doing this, you are also safeguarding your own interests.

Where can I officially lodge complaints about online casinos?

If all attempts to reach an amicable resolution have failed, seeking redress from the relevant gambling regulatory body is often the only option left.

Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority is widely recognized and highly regarded as one of the most renowned and favored regulatory bodies across the globe. This esteemed authority offers a multitude of advantages, providing individuals with an exceptional opportunity to ensure their rights are upheld. With the Malta Gaming Authority, you can rest assured that your interests are safeguarded, giving you a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

If you encounter any issues with an online casino licensed by MGA, this is the place where you can voice your concerns and file a complaint. Rest assured that your feedback will be heard and addressed promptly. We understand the importance of providing a platform for users to express their dissatisfaction and ensure a transparent and fair gaming experience. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of customer support and resolve any problems you may encounter during your online casino journey. Don't hesitate to reach out to us – we're here to help!

Assist Malta Gaming Authority to provide aid and assistance.


Obtaining casino licenses from Curacao may present some challenges, as this regulatory authority has gained a reputation for turning a blind eye when it comes to addressing issues faced by their license holders. It could prove to be a bit more complicated compared to other licensing jurisdictions.

However, you can also file an official complaint here.

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