Online Casinos with Live Dealers – Tips for Smart Gambling

Being ‘old-school’ my first experience of gambling came at a racetrack and the very first time I placed a bet on a roulette layout I had one eye on a scantily dressed croupier who spun a ball around a roulette wheel with marked professionalism in a land-based casino.  Old habits die hard and when the World Wide Web first brought online casinos into my home I was sceptical.  I never doubted the randomness of the Random Number Generator (RNG) but live dealer casinos were still my bag.

Of course it did not take long before online casinos with live dealer-dealt games hit cyberspace primarily because people, like me, preferred them and were more willing to play them.  Nowadays there are countless no deposit casino bonuses for new casino players and I’d point out no matter how many casinos I visited, I was never given a sign-up bonus when walking through the door.

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Time consuming

When you play live casino games within the confines of a building you have to physically hand the dealer your money. It’s a rigmarole, a time consuming palaver.   One, which when complete, leaves you compelled to stay at a table for some considerable time before repeating the laborious process and cashing-out.  Buying chips and cashing out takes time, it holds up the action, it irks fellow players.

However, when playing online casinos, even those with live dealers, this process is eradicated.  No longer do you feel embarrassed buying in for a lowly sum, or an extravagant one.  No longer are you compelled to play when you are sat at a table with chips before you.

And that is the key to smart gambling at online casino with live games – you can choose when to play and where to play.  No longer will fellow players roll their eyes in their head as you opt to not play your box for a hand or two of Blackjack.  Gone are the days of you not placing bets on a section of the roulette layout as it is beyond your reach and leaning over could displace other player’s chips.

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Counting time

Of course, choosing not to play a box for a several hands of Blackjack and then placing a big bet could be conceived to be some kind of card counting.  Standard stuff to seasoned players:  Waiting for a run of small cards and then placing sizeable bets when the remaining deck is laden with picture cards and Aces.  Try this at a traditional casino with pit bosses and overseers watching every move you make and you could soon be shown the door.

But I’m yet to hear of an online casino with live dealers that has ejected a player for card counting despite the oldest trick in the Blackjack play book being easier to employ at an online casino than anywhere else. All-in-all I’m what you can call ‘a convert’, dealer-dealt online casino’s is where I’ve found my happy space and where I’m happiest playing despite being an old-school graduate.

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