Seven Advantages of Playing Online Poker

With so much free educational poker content available on YouTube and Twitch it’s no surprise that plenty of new players are finding themselves drawn to the fabled gambling game.  The only problem is actually learning the pastime and honing your skills.

A low stakes tournament in a live casino or card room is possibly the best place to learn but many newcomers don’t have the confidence to sit down in a live game as newbies. Others may live too far from their nearest game and if you are a keen player this can be very frustrating.  Ultimately many new and established players are enjoying the numerous advantages of playing their poker online.

COMFORT: Firstly many live poker rooms have dress codes, whereas online poker allows you to play in your pyjamas (if that’s your thing). Sitting upright in a chair, often with a shortage of leg and elbow room, is one of the trade-offs ‘live’ players have to accept. Online players at sites such as Unibet Poker can ease back on their sofa, play from their bed, coffee shop and even bathroom should they please.  

NO TRAVELLING: Few things are more frustrating than driving for an hour to get to your nearest land-based card room only to find there’s no players or, alternatively, the cash game tables are full and there are ten players on the waiting list.  This just isn’t an issue with online poker.  There’s no travel time and there is always an empty seat available on a table for the stakes you want to play.

MORE HANDS: Online poker is booming according to, and online play also allows you to play far more hands than a live poker game.  Online cards are distributed far quicker than manual dealers can deal them and pots are awarded far quicker too. Furthermore there are time banks for every decision whereas there is not hard-fast rule for decision making in a live game.

MULTI-TABLING:  Not only can you play more hands, you can also play more tables online. Multi-tabling allows online poker players to play several games simultaneously which pros will tell you reduces variance in the long run.  Playing more than one game, particularly multi-player tournaments also combat disappointment, as playing a single competition for hours on end only to take a bad-beat and not collect any cash can be massively irksome feeling like a futile waste of an afternoon/evening.

GAME VARIETY: Maybe No Limit Hold’em isn’t your thing, and you’d rather play other forms of poker.  Unless you are in Las Vegas, at a poker festival or at a major card room you are unlikely to find much of a game selection.  But online there are plenty of poker variations to choose from – ranging from Omaha to old fashioned draw-poker.

AROUND THE CLOCK: One of the real beauties of online poker is that it runs around the clock, so whatever time you choose to play, you should always be able to find a game.

NO LIVE TELLS:  This one is a little controversial as some players love to assess their opponents and make decisions based on their mannerisms.  However some, particularly beginners, are uncomfortable with other people scrutinizing them during a hand. For them online poker is the best option as no one can see you lurch from your seat when you hit a straight on the turn or find a miracle card on the river.  You are free to go ahead and celebrate – in your PJ’s if that’s what you are wearing!

24/7 there’s always an online game for you