Successful online poker players know how important it is to get an edge

Different tactics and strategies are required to be successful at online poker. Serious players will spend years developing their own style to show a profit amongst tough competition in tournaments. But you don’t have to be a full-time professional player to apply some of these strategies to your own game. Here are six simple Cashdropcasino tips for getting an edge when playing poker online:

Sort out your play station

One of the benefits of playing any game online is that you really can play anywhere – as long as you have a smartphone, tablet or other device and an internet connection. More players than ever are gaming on the go; on their commute, during periods of travel and even during a break from work. But just because you can play online from anywhere, doesn’t mean you should. In fact, one of the best ways to begin getting an edge over other players is to ensure that you’re as set-up as possible before you start playing.

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This means getting a decent station – being comfortable in the place where you’ll gaming for hours on end is incredibly important. Playing with ineffective equipment will massively decrease your chances of winning.  If the internet buffers, for example, or your computer is too slow, your edge over the other players (who may have a better set-up) is severely affected. Another way to enhance your station is to invest in multiple monitors. And, of course, make sure you’re comfortable throughout gameplay. Fewer breaks mean the potential for better results and a definite edge over your opponents.

Know what you are prepared to risk

This is particularly important when it comes to playing in cash games. Decide well in advance how much you are prepared to lose during a session at Boylesports Poker or any other online poker site. Playing more than you can afford will put you in a bad situation, you will find yourself ‘playing scared’.

Shake up your game

One way to enhance your edge is to make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut while playing. It’s natural to want to stick with what you know – the same games, the players you recognise. But taking a chance on something new means the opportunity to shake things up, and potentially increase your chances of long-term gains.  This should also mean you don’t get too bored of the same game, adding extra motivation to succeed when you get back to your favourite.

Don’t make assumptions

Never put you opponent(s) on a specific hand. This means not making assumptions about the move your opponent is going to make, which can limit your decision-making abilities when you’re mid-hand.  It is so tempting to think that the person you are playing has the Ace to make the pair, or whatever – but it can seriously side-track and distract you, leading you down a path of bad decision making that ends with losing money. By playing against a whole set of possibilities you will increase your own capacity to think broadly and have an increased chance of success over whatever surprise hand comes your way.

Above all, stay consistent

One of the best tips to follow to get an edge when gaming online is to keep things consistent. Professional gamers all say that consistency is key when playing over a long period of time. If you get frustrated or begin to lose through bad luck, stay the course do not ‘tilt’ and play irrationally. This is a solid and well-tested strategy, it will ensure you keep your mind when you need it most. And if this ability to ride out the rough times is not part of your make-up, then a skill game like poker may not be for you.