Slot Jackpot Records and Recent Winners

Unfortunately Cashdrop Casinos plans to list a defined top-10 slot winners has proven more than a little troublesome.  

Not one to simply believe what Google tells us (it cannot always be trusted), we have instead opted to provide a list of the more noteworthy success stories in recent times.

Just a few months ago, in August 2017 to be precise a Californian tourist netted an $11.8 million jackpot when playing in Las Vegas’ Freemont Hotel and Casino.  He’d been playing the IGT Megabucks machine and placed the maximum $3 bet stake on his winning spin.

Of course this is some way short of the Las Vegas record.  In 2003 Josh Ford, another tourist from California, walked into the Excalibur Hotel and Casino and walked back out with $39.7 million after playing the Megabucks slot!   

But the simple fact remains, while these colossal wins gain wold-wide headlines driven by a well-oiled Las Vegas PR machine, online slots deliver life-changing jackpots almost every week of the year.  This does not happen in Las Vegas, far from it.

Online Record Holder

We know the Guinness Book of Records show the record online slot win was €17,879,645 netted by 26-year-old British soldier Jon Heywood playing the Mega Moolah slot for just 25p a spin in 2015.

But two years earlier a player from Finland had bagged €17, 861,800 for a similar stake, 25 cent, playing another ‘Mega Slot’, Mega Fortune.  All that’s known of the winner is his age (reportedly in his mid-40’s) and previous love for online poker.

Mobile Record Holder

In more recent times ‘mobile casino’ and mobile slots have become more and more popular and players using hand-held devices have had their share of outrageous wins.

In April 2017 an unknown player playing via their mobile device collected a €8,012,153 win via Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.  It only marginally surpassed the previous ‘mobile record payout’ of €7,968,311 paid out in August 2016.  Incidentally, the Mega Moolah dropped its jackpot again just a month ago.  Its booty had reached €7.7 million.

Another major slot winner during the past four weeks was a Swedish punter who collected €3.48 million playing ‘Joker Millions’ at the end of October.  And a brand new game from software provider Playtech wasted no time in making a 48-year-old British factory worker very rich. He collected £599,380 on ‘Age of the Gods’ on October 20th.

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