Online Casino Superstitions

Do you have a lucky charm? Read horoscopes? Have a lucky number or colour?  Are you superstitious? Do you have gambling superstitions?

The dictionary definition of superstition is ‘false notion’ and the definition of superstitious is ‘fantasy, falsehood or illogical’.  Yet a large number of people admit to having gambling superstitions, they believe or simply hope an exterior fateful force can have a positive effect on their success when playing online casino games.  

Unquestionably the most superstitious race in the world is the Chinese and coincidentally they are also considered to be the biggest gamblers on the face of the planet.  It makes sense as studies have determined that gamblers are more suspicious than non-gamblers per-se.

7’s & 8’s

Number 8 has an almost biblical status amongst gamblers in Asia, it is the ultimate ‘lucky number’.  Although the western world has no such fabled single digit there is no disputing the number 7, often referred to as ‘Lucky 7’, is very popular.  The number 7 was traditionally the highest paying symbol on slot machines.

Then there is number 13, which is considered unlucky on a wholesale basis.  Such is people’s distain of the number many Las Vegas hotel owners have actually omitted a thirteenth floor in their hotels.  Number 4 is considered a very unlucky number for Chinese punters; it is nearly homophonous to the word ‘death’.

Lucky Taxi

2005 World Series of Poker runner-up Steve Dannenmann explained, after collecting his $4.2 million winnings, that he made a point of only travelling to the daily poker sessions in a taxi that had an identification number that was an even number.  

So, does your online casino gambling involve a lucky charm such as a horseshoe or four-leafed clover? Do you wear a lucky piece of clothing or specific coloured socks?  If you are nodding your head right now you are fully aware that you are a superstitious person.

Superstition Top-10

With the definition of superstition still not completely clear here is the top-ten ‘superstitions’, both good and bad, related to online casino gamblers:

The colour red

Asian gamblers have a strong belief that this is a lucky colour while statistics prove roulette players gamble more on red numbers than black ones.  This is a subconscious superstition.

Numbers 7 & 8

Immensely popular numbers in all online casino games.

Numbers 4 & 13 

Generally scorned upon and considered numbers to avoid as it has inherently been described as unlucky.

Washing your hands mid-session

Some believe washing your hands when on a losing streak will bring about a change in fortune.

Lucky Charms

Be it something traditional such as a horseshoe or wacky like a fossil, some people believe having one of these charms in their hand, pocket or around their neck can and will bring better luck.

Lucky Lady

A beautiful woman sat alongside you will bring better fortune when playing the tables?  Some certainly claim this although sceptics suggest such advocates are simply trying to impress their accomplices in a James Bond fashion.

Chip Touching

Naturally this does not apply to online casino gambling more so land-based casinos, but some players consider their chips ‘cursed’ if touched by another player.

Lucky Clothes

You might not wear a tie when playing online casino games at Unibet or Betvictor Casinos (they are way too relaxed!) but some people do and it is always the same colour.  Indeed a piece of lucky clothing or even lucky coloured underwear is apparently commonplace.

Look Away Now

Not watching the ball as it drops, dice as they settle, or even reels as they stop is not a conscious traditional superstition but it is a superstition all the same as countless people do it.  Some cover their screen with their hands or paper and slowly reveal the outcome.

Fingers Crossed

Finally a superstition which has become such an integral part of the English language that the physical act of doing so has been forgotten.  It is fact that people, generally subconsciously, cross their fingers whilst the wheels of a slot or roulette wheel are spinning.

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