Online Casino Sites: What Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses work.  They work for the players who receive free spins and free funds to play with.

In the infancy of online casino gaming they also doubtlessly worked for the likes of Paddy Power Casino who would use their no deposit bonus offers as a marketing tool to push them ahead of their rivals who were not so quick to offer free play, free spins and free money.

However, as deposit bonuses are now standard business practice, it is questionable they bring in much additional new customers to any online casino.  But, online casino owners know if they did not offer them new punters would open an account with a rival site ahead of themselves.  That’s bad for them and good news for us players.

Casino Deposit Bonus

The most common phrase you will find when researching online casino bonuses is ‘Deposit Bonus’.  This is exactly what it says on the tin, free money (a bonus) in the form of gambling chips, given to you when making a deposit.  In most instances this bonus is only available to new players and first time depositors.

Casino Bonus Sizes

The phrase ‘Match Bonus’ means you will receive a free sum identical to the size of your first deposit.  That’s a 100 percent bonus.  However, you can do better for yourself.  Welcome bonuses are normally calculated as a percentage of your first deposit and Pyramids Fortune Casino, for example, are currently offering up to 200 percent added bonus on the sum of your first deposit.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Similarly a ‘No Deposit Bonus’ is straightforward enough:  Free gaming cash in your account without the need to make a cash-deposit.  However, in order for this to be converted into ‘withdrawable’ online casino real money, you may need to place several wagers and register a payment card (to withdraw any possible winnings).

Casino Free Spins

Used together ‘No Deposit’ and ‘Matched Deposit’ bonuses can be extremely fruitful but it gets better yet as many online casinos also offer ‘Free Spins’ as part of their new player offers. Unibet, for example, give their non-depositing new players 10 free slot spins and new customers who later make a cash deposit can receive up to an additional 190 slot spins free of charge.

One site, BGO Casino, only gives their new customers ‘Free Spins’ as a sign-up bonus but, unlike others, profits gained from these free spins can be withdrawn as cash immediately – there are no restrictions insisting you play further before being able to withdraw your winnings.

Casino Bonus Codes

But what about those who are veterans of playing casino slots online and have made their initial deposits long ago?  This is where ‘Casino Bonus Codes’ come into play.  They are bonuses and promotions which you can avail of when re-loading your account.

Keep a regular eye on your email inbox as you might just find an online casino which you once played is hoping to reconnect with you.  As an incentive they will give you a bonus code which, used in association with a cash deposit, delivers a re-load bonus, free spins or even something better.

Casino Loyalty Bonuses

After attracting your custom it would be foolish of an online casino to lose your business as quickly as they gained it and therein they throw ‘Loyalty Bonuses’ into the mix.

Loyalty Bonuses come in several different forms, from hard cash to free spins.  Membership of a Loyalty or VIP Members Club gives regular players a host of other advantages such as cash, gifts and in the example of Betway, BetVictor and Boylesports Casinos, invites to corporate outings to the races, greyhounds or a football matches.