Mega Money Grows and Grows
The Mega Moolah online slot jackpot shows no sign of dropping its bounty. The progressive jackpot prize smashed through the €17 million mark on Monday and it is now destined to be a world record breaker when someone finally lands the colossal prize.

Lottery winner that never was
53-year-old Edward Putman from Hertfordshire has been charged by police following a three-year investigation into a £2.5 million UK National Lottery win that he claimed in 2009.

Originally suspected of fraud but released without charge in 2015 due to a lack of evidence, Putman is accused of using a fake ticket to claim the seven-figure jackpot back in 2009.

Nine years after the supposed big win Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Serious Fraud and Cyber Unit now believe Putman received a tip-off about an unclaimed jackpot prize by an insider at Camelot, the company which run the UK’s Lotto.

But not only was Putman’s co-conspirator, Giles Knibbs, aware of an unclaimed prize, he also had access to a machine capable of printing a copy of the ticket associated with the unclaimed prize.

Sadly Knibbs, reportedly due to the wave of accusations levelled against him regarding the suspected conspiracy, took his own life in August 2017, leaving the spotlight on Putman and he will now see evidence against him presented to the courts on October 16, 2018.

Macau’s had a rainy day
Revenues in gambling mad Macau are likely to see a three-percent dip this month following the local government’s decision to close all casinos in the Far Eastern enclave for 24 hours due to the threat of a typhoon over the weekend.

Macau, a former Portuguese colony, has no less than 38 casinos which is very impressive considering it is 8,700 times smaller than the UK. In fact, even with 38 casinos it has half the casinos of Las Vegas but it generates more than twice the gambling revenue of Nevada.