How to Choose the Best Online Casino for Live Game Play

Forget online casinos, for a moment think real casinos.  

  • Which brick and mortar casinos do you have the fondest memories of?  

  • What casino would you go to given the option?  

  • Which casino do you go to the most often and why?

When you think like this, laterally, you will soon realise it is all about ‘the experience’.  After all, live dealer casino games are the same wherever you wager your money yet we have our favourites and generally the decision on where to play comes down to the ambiance.  

As a younger man I was spoiled for choice with three casinos all within driving distance of my home.  One was an old fashioned gambling den, the live dealer games resembled a rugby scrum with arms, elbows and shoulders thrust sideways as players strove to place their chips on the layout of the over-crowded roulette tables.

And yet the place had character, charm, and I could talk horse racing or football betting with almost anyone in the building.  It also offered all the free sandwiches you could eat while beer was on sale at half the price of any nearby pubs.  What more could a student ask for?

Another venue offered a plethora of table games which made it unique in local parts (the others sticking to just blackjack and roulette).  It also had the finest restaurant, making it an ideal place to impress a first-date. However, it was also sterile.  No one celebrated a big win and you could hear a proverbial pin-drop despite being dealt three consecutive ‘blackjacks’.

The third proved relatively lucky for me but I never really liked it as their roulette wheels had no ‘bounce’.  Once the ball hit the wheel it was ‘clonk’ and it was immediately nestled in a firm-fitting cup.  I’m serious, the ball, the size of something you would expect to be fired from a cannon in the 1700’s, fitted into those cups like a hand in a glove.

I like ‘bouncebackability’, I like it when the ball hits the wheel miles away from my section of numbers safe in the knowledge it can and will end up anywhere and my bets are still ‘live’ until it finally stops.

A few decades have since past and I’m now playing my casino games online.  I still play against a dealer but my criteria when it comes to deciding where to play remains pretty much unchanged.  Obviously the prospect of a free sandwich no longer influence me but wherever I choose to play online a relaxing unhurried experience is all-important.

Nowadays I’m talking friendly attractive dealers with good spoken English who refer to me by my name or alias, not “player in seat one”.  I want a sensible amount of time to make my decisions and place my bets, I don’t want to be rushed.  I want my experience to be sociable and not sterile and, most importantly, I want a clear view of the roulette wheel where I want to see the ball bounce all over before, hopefully, landing in one of my numbers!

This is best for me, because I honestly feel that these are the optimal conditions for me to relax and focus.  Then and only then can I enjoy the playing experience feeling comfortable whilst knowing I have done all I can to give myself the best possible chance of winning.

Now returning to sandwiches… I still like something for nothing, VIP treatment, that feeling that my business is cherished and I’m important to the casino where I choose to play.  

Therein Energy Casino is my preferred online casinos as it offers 60 games within its live casino.  My play earns loyalty points which can be exchanged for some great merchandise, and there is also a VIP Club which gives me bonuses and cash drops as a reward for my loyalty.