How Online Slots Work

There is one component found in all modern slot machines, a Random Number Generator (RNG). The moment a player presses the spin button on a slot a series of numbers which have been constantly and randomly running (and changing) at a phenomenal rate are frozen and this most current series of digits is used to determine the outcome.

So, the spinning symbols which we all anticipate and hope will land in a way which will give us a big win are an illusion.  What eventually appears on the screen before you is actually a result randomly generated by this mechanism.  Sad but true and exceptionally fair.

Naturally slots would lose all of their appeal if results were instantly displayed.  Similarly few would play them if they featured just one jackpot prize which was as rare as a snowflake in summertime.  Slots are intended to thrill their players.

Therefore some slots are designed to pay-out small sums regularly (called ‘loose slots’) and others pay-out bigger prizes but less frequently (‘tight slots’). That said,

Online slots are not programmed to run hot and cold.  A progressive jackpot game may go several months without paying out its jackpot prize but it could be won twice in the same day.  And this is because the RNG is indeed completely random.

What Slots Pay-Out

Another phrase you are likely to become familiar with is RTP which stands for ‘Return To Player’.  RTP is the percentage sum a slot pays out compared to what it takes in.  This ‘house edge’ can range from 2 percent to 15 percent.  By sticking with reputable and recommended ‘cash drop’ casinos (that use software from leading providers) you will be playing games which average out around four percent.

Of course the smaller the house edge the greater chance of you winning and, at the very least, the more bang you can get for your buck. Do consider slots with a progressive jackpot, like Mega Moolah, can increase your payback percentages.  In fact, if the jackpot pool is huge the games RTP could actually exceed 100 percent.

To be clear, when it comes to progressive jackpot slots, the bigger the jackpot pool the better the slots payback percentage.  So our advice is wait until a jackpot pool has grown to a good size before playing any jackpot slot.


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