Guns, Drugs, Naked Women and a Las Vegas Circuit Breaker

AMERICA IS A GREAT COUNTRY. By some considerable way the ‘land of the free’ has more guns than people and more casinos than any other country in the world. At a last count, and the figure is constantly rising, there are 2,160 casinos spread across the United States. Compare that to Romania which has, surprisingly, the second largest number of land-based casinos with 310. Canada, with a bigger land-mass, has just 216 casinos while Australia and Brazil, which are only marginally smaller than the USA, have 59 and a single casino respectively.

And America does not only set the standard in casino density. It has, per-capita, more people incarcerated than any other country. c2.9 percent of the adult U.S. population are currently under correctional supervision (probation, parole, jail or prison) and as for its appetite for drugs, the American Addiction Centres stated “about 38% of adults in 2017 battled an illicit drug use disorder”.

Incidentally the definition of illicit drugs (abused by Americans) is marijuana/hashish, cocaine (including crack cocaine), heroin, hallucinogens, inhalants and prescription-type psychoactive drugs obtained illegally without a valid prescription. Breath-taking figures, and based on happenings at the Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas, it would appear one of this 38 percent (of non-imprisoned ‘users’) had a fun time in Sin City this past week.

Naked but not afraid

The Circa Resort & Casino is the newest casino in Las Vegas welcoming its first players in late October and opening its 512 room hotel on December 28. And it was in the hallways of those rooms where 28-year-old Alissa Neeley decided to strip naked and run amuck. Understandably this irked local security who decided to eject her from the property.

Circa: The newest casino in Vegas

However, clearly unimpressed with this outcome, Neeley managed to return locating the properties fire control room where, still naked, she turned off and damaged power switches. Resultantly the venue suffered a complete power outage to its slots and gaming tables for almost three hours.

According to police reports Neeley’s actions caused around $5,000 worth of damage albeit the cost of the plug being pulled on 7,000 square-feet of slots and table games between 10pm and 1am probably cost the new casino a multiple of this figure in lost revenue.

Drugs are bad. God bless …

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