Online Bingo is the Real Deal

Betting on Online Bingo: At the turn of the 20th century Bingo had become, tired and outdated. The game, which enjoyed massive growth in the 1960s, traditionally had a hotbed in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Most village halls would stage Bingo nights and Bingo halls were commonplace in all cities. Now around 350 major Bingo halls remain in the UK with many people preferring to play online where there is always a game to be played, Bingo cards can be bought for just pennies and prizes can be colossal.

Online Bingo has revamped the genre and here’s some more of its advantages:

  • You can play anytime 24/7
  • Members & VIP Club promotions
  • Safe & secure financial transactions

Skill, luck, betting or just lots of fun?

Bingo cannot be classified as a skill game like poker, but bingo betting is not exactly gambling either. It is a fun game which can give people hours of pleasure at very little cost. Bingo can be very rewarding both financially and stimulatingly. Like online poker, online Bingo played at Boylesports casino and other sites has been replicated beautifully on to virtual PC and tablet screens. It’s not a case of ‘just like the real thing’, online Bingo ‘is the real thing’.

How to Play

Firstly you need to select and buy your book or cards. These will normally feature three horizontal rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four blank spaces. The first column is dedicated for numbers 1 through 9, the second is for numbers 10 through to 19, the third for 20 to 29 and so forth.

The numbers go all the way up to 90 (hence nine columns) and there are three ways of winning: The first winner is the individual who has all of his or her numbers marked on any one line of a ticket. Second prize goes to the individual who marks all numbers within two lines. The biggest prize (and third-named winner) is the person who marks all 15 numbers on his or her ticket. This is called a ‘full house’.

How easy is this …

Before you can claim any one of these winning prizes your numbers must be randomly selected. In a bingo hall this is done by the announcer, online numbers are chosen by a RNG or random number generator. One at a time, as each number is drawn, you will need to use a special marker called a ‘dabber’ or ‘dauber’ to show you have them on your card or ticket. It’s your responsibility to claim your line, two lines or full house prize once your Bingo card number corresponds with those that have been called. However, if you do your Bingo betting online you can select ‘auto dab’ which will automatically dab the numbers which are drawn for you.

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Bingo variants

The majority of the Bingo games played both live and online are of the 90 ball variety – balls being the term used for the numbers drawn as, just like the Lotto, numbered balls are what is drawn from the callers drum.  However, there are some other versions, such as 40, 50, 75 and 80 ball games. These can be played at BGO Casino.

What’s more, online Bingo rooms have done a great job of branding some of their games.  So you can enjoy playing games that are themed like the popular slot game ‘Rainbow Riches’ or reality TV gameshows such as ‘Deal Or No Deal’ and ‘The Chase’. There’s even Bingo rooms themed around popular TV soaps ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Emmerdale’.

Incidentally, if you have time constraints, the 40 and 50 ball games are normally quicker but there are also dedicated ‘quick play’ games such as ‘Rush’ which is a form of ‘speed Bingo’ …and yes, you can play online Bingo on the move as most sites have their Bingo rooms fully compatible with online devices such as tablets and iPhones. In fact there are some really smart dedicated Bingo apps which you can download.

Bingo Odds

Bingo works the same as a tote system at a racetrack. So your odds of winning depend on the number of people playing. All entry fees are added together and then divided out in winnings amongst successful players.

Bingo free bets

Online poker sites know how to look after their customers and you will find no end of Bingo free bet opportunities. This is not just the ability to play for free but to win cash prizes for free. Free play Bingo, just like poker’s freeroll tournaments, gives novice players a great way of understanding how online Bingo rooms work and how to choose the best games for them.

Promotions and VIP’s

New first time depositing customers can reap huge rewards in online Bingo rooms. Cash bonuses and free roll games are the norm and not the exceptions. Similarly loyal customers will soon find themselves climbing a VIP ladder which feature benefits such as:

  • Free spins on top games
  • Exclusive free VIP Bingo games
  • Regular Bingo and casino bonuses
  • Weekly rewards, including real cashback
  • Direct access to VIP team staff
  • Hospitality invites to sporting events and concerts

Being sociable

Something that really makes online Bingo stand-out and unique amongst most online gambling activities is its sociability. There’s a chat window which you can open whilst playing most games. It is hosted by a ‘chat host’ who meets and greets players as they arrive, answer any questions that you may have and assist any needs you may have. Furthermore the chat host will often join in with any banter, gossip and general chit-chat you may have with other players. It can be a lot of fun.