Bingo in the British Isles

BINGO HAS BECOME one of the most popular online games but it has been around for decades and enjoyed massive popularity during the 1950’s and 1960’s with Bingo halls throughout the British Isles. Back then Bingo callers had almost pop-star status and the very best could demand high fees for their ability to entertain punters and keep them coming back simply for the entertainment they could provide.

The pastime, as a live spectacle, has waned since the 1980’s with less and less Bingo halls found in the UK’s towns and cities.  But online Bingo is thriving with the community spirit alive and well at sites such as BGO where you can play bingo for free, or for pennies, and win big too.

1950’s Bingo Players

In keeping with tradition the old Bingo calls remain commonplace and are still part of British psyche unlike that long-lost but brilliant art-form, the racetrack tic-tac.  Here’s a run-down of some of the better known and celebrated Bingo calls:

No.  Called as
1       Kelly’s Eye or Nelson’s Column
2       One little duck or Me & You
3       You & Me or Cup of Tea
4       Knock at the Door
5       Man alive
6       Tom Mix or Chopping Sticks
7       God’s in Heaven
8       Garden Gate or One Fat Lady
9       Doctor’s Orders or Stitch in Time
10     Theresa’s Den or Uncle Ben

11     Legs
12     One dozen or Monkey’s Cousin
13     Unlucky for Some
14     Valentine’s Day
15     Young and Keen
16     Never Been Kissed
17     Dancing Queen
18     Coming of Age
19     Goodbye Teens
20     One Score
21     Key of the Door
22     Two Little Ducks
23     Thee and Me
24     Knock at the Door
25     Duck and Dive
26     Pick and Mix
27     Gateway to Heaven
28     In a State
29     Rise and Shine
30     Burlington Bertie

31     Get up and Run
32     Buckle my Shoe
33     Dirty Knees
34     Ask for More
35     Jump and Jive
36     Three Dozen
37     More Than Eleven
38     Christmas Cake
39     Steps
40     Life Begins at…
41     Life’s begun
42     Winnie the Pooh
43     Down on your Knees
44     Droopy Drawers
45     Halfway House
46     Up to Tricks
48     Four Dozen
49     PC (nick nick)
50     Bullseye or Hawaii Five-O
51     Tweak of the Thumb
52     Weeks in a Year
53     Here comes Herbie (beep beep)
54     Clean the Floor
55     Snakes Alive
56     Shotts Bus
57     Heinz Varieties
58     Make them Wait
60     Three Score

61     Bakers Bun
62     Tickety-Boo
64     Will You Still Love me?
65     Retirement Age
66     Clickety Click
67     Made in Heaven
68     Saving Grace
69     Same Both Ways
70     Three Score and Ten
71     Bang on the Drum
72     Danny LaRue or Six Dozen
73     Queen Bee
74     Candy Store
75     Big Daddy
76     Trombones
77     Sunset Strip
78     Heaven’s Gate
79     One More Time
80     Gandhi’s Breakfast

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