Europe’s total gambling revenue for 2020 will drop 23% as the gambling sector feels the impact of COVID-19

The European Gaming & Betting Association have declared the final figures for 2020 will show online gambling will take a higher share of Europe’s gambling market revenue but will not compensate for major land-based declines, as total market revenue will plummet due to COVID-19. Europe’s total gambling revenue in 2020 will drop 23% as the gambling sector feels the impact of COVID-19. Their data, covering EU-27 and UK markets, suggests Europe’s online gambling revenue will increase by 7% compared to 2019.

Sports betting still rules the roost 

That is despite a significant drop in online revenue during the second quarter of the year as a result of the cancellation of major European sports. However, this will not compensate for Europe’s major land-based declines, with land-based gambling revenue expected to drop by a whopping 33% –that is due to the closure of land-based betting shops and casinos. Looking ahead, the steady growth of Europe’s online gambling market is expected to continue, with online gross gaming revenues expected to grow by approximately 7% yearly and reach 33.6% of Europe’s total gambling revenue by 2025.

Another noticeable trend expected to continue is the increasing popularity of the use of mobile devices for online betting, with mobile betting expected to account for 45.6% of Europe’s online gambling revenue in 2020 and to reach 50.8% by 2022. If these figures come to fruition, mobile betting will surpass desktop and PC usage for the first time. This trend is expected to continue, with mobile betting projected to reach a 58.2% share in 2025.

Going mobile 

EGBA members step up their safer gambling efforts

In addition to market data, EGBA has also published detailed European information from its member companies which it includes information about their customers, market value, games, investment in sports, licensing and regulatory compliance. Amongst those is Kindred Group and which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and is one of Europe’s largest providers of online gambling. Kindred Group, whose showpiece online casino and sports book is Unibet, is home to 12 other brands which boast over 22.5 million customers world-wide. Licensed in Australia and 11 European member states. In 2016 they were voted the ‘Social Responsible Operator of the Year’ and successfully completed 27 external regulatory audits.

Bundled up with other operators their figures show:

  • A total of 16 million online customers.
  • Average customer return rate of 94.3%.
  • 63% of customers used at least one safer gambling tool, an increase from 37% of customers in the previous year.
  • Conducted 1.2 million direct interventions with customers to promote safer gambling, a 50% increase from the previous year.
  • Combined €5.6bn in online gross revenues.
  • Invested €340m in European sports, through sponsorships (€107m) and streaming rights (€233m), an increase of 56% from the previous year.
  • Closed 1.8m customer accounts due to know-your-customer, fraud, anti-money laundering, and betting integrity/match fixing concerns.