Betway’s new commercial gets inside your head

Betway have launched a new TV advertising campaign which brings the notion of ‘having a hunch’ to life. A hunch is a universal feeling we all know.It’s the feeling that makes being a sports fan exciting and it’s what makes you stick to your guns when debating a sporting outcome with friends.

The new Betway adverts personify ‘The Hunch’ into an all new brand character,and give sports fans an extra reason to trust their convictions, and bet with confidence. He is a charming, larger than life figure who charismatically occupies a part of every betting punter’s brain. 

The adverts begin with groups of friends talking amongst each other, debating which way to bet on the Betway app, whether on top scorers in a game, or a match’s outcome. At the moment of decision, the scene switches into the hero’s brain, and into the office of The Hunch where their deliberations are dramatised. 

His office is decked in sporting memorabilia and is populated by teams of brain cells, all helping The Hunch to weigh up which information to trust, and eventually formulate the opinion we follow.  When The Hunch reaches his conclusion, we re-join the scene of camaraderie in real life, and hear the lead character make an assured decision, off the back of their hunch.  The new campaign will roll out across TV with three 30sec ads and will be supported across social, display, radio and print.

There is a definite ongoing theme amongst online bookmakers. In the spring BetVictor launched a TV commercial boasting “Sports is not a science, it is beautifully unpredictable. As long as the game is played by people, it is anyone’s game.”

Like, love or loath either companies commercials there’s no denying their excellent sign-up bonuses. There’s up to £/€30 in free bets at Betway as part of their ‘matched deposit’ bonus.  Place a first time £/€5bet at BetVictor and you’ll receive £/€20 in free bets for football and an additional£/€10 casino bonus. Free Bonus at Betway